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Online Services for Business Owners

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Online Services for Business Owners

There are tons of online services available for business, including those used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that help websites’ content to rank higher in search engine results, including Google. Here are some of the most valuable types of online services offered for business owners and people who want to boost their PC productivity:


  1. Invoicing Services

This is a critical service for small business owners and freelancers, as it’s important to provide paperwork for getting paid. There are several types of invoicing options available that make it easy to create and send invoices to clients. It can be difficult to decide which one to choose, as they provide different features. Some of most common ones include Due, Zoho, Invoicera, Freshbooks, Harvest, and Wave. The different sites are unique, so it’s critical to do research which ones would best meet your company’s needs.


  1. Accounting/Finance

finance_and_accounts_software_249 (1)Save Accounting, Freshbooks, and Expensify are some of the Web tools that can help to keep your small business/personal accounting finances organized. It’s important to keep all your company’s finances and bookkeeping up-to-date and organized. There are different Internet tools to do that, so it’s important to determine which one best suits your company’s needs. As with other Web services, different software has different features, advantages, and disadvantages. It’s critical to consider your company’s needs before selecting an online accounting/finance tool.


  1. Marketing

Whatever products/services you sell as a company or individual, it’s important to market them effectively. This is especially true due to various marketing becoming increasingly competitive due to Web and mobile advertising. The good news is that tools such as HubSpot, MailChimp, and SpyFu help to market your company’s products/services effectively. Tools include email marketing, SEO blogging tips, marketing automation, and keyword tools. The bottom line is that such methods will help to make your marketing more effective, which will in turn boost sales.

  1. Operations

31039714-6523-4757-b417-83951f40e421While aspects of your business such as marketing/sales are important, other components such as operations shouldn’t be overlooked. Yammer, Trello, and Carbonie are some online tools that can help to make your company run smoother. They include features such developing a private social network, project organization, and cloud storage/online backup. All of these tools will help your company to run better.

  1. Web Development

This is one of the most important factors of a company, as the Internet has changed the way business is done. Some quality tools include Amazon Web Services, Balsamiq, and 99designs.

  1. Sales

bidsketchThis is one of the most critical types of Web-based tools for small businesses and freelances. Sales are key to the financial stability of a company, so it’s critical to track sales, project future sales figures, etc. This is important as it will help to maintain key records regarding the company’s financial growth. Some common Web-based tools include Leads360, BidSketch, and Highrise. They include features such as organizing notes and tasks of customers, sales management, and quick client proposals. As with other types of Web-based tools, it’s important to consider factors such as your company’s  sales.


  1. Credit Card Processing

Of course it goes without saying that accepting credit cards and making it simple for customers to pay you is critical. This is not always a simple thing for every business though. Some businesses can have a difficult time finding a credit card processor that will work with them. If this becomes a problem for you, you will need to look for some high risk credit card processors like


Best Google Tools You Might Not Be Aware Of

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Google has become one of the most important companies in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While you’re probably familiar with Google Search and AdSense, you might be aware of several less known yet effective tools. Here are some of them:


  1. Google Cloud Platform

This platform allows users to build applications, analyze data, host websites, etc., through Google’s scalable infrastructure. This tool is similar to Amazon Web Services. It’s an easy tool to focus on building a concept, instead of being concerned about the backend layer. Customers include big corporations including Coca-Cola, Best Buy, and Sony Music. You can get $300 in credit towards a free trial for 60 days. The trial is free and you won’t be charged unless you retain the account after the trial period ends.

  1. YouTube Trends Dashboardsee-whats-trending-on-youtube-01_zpsc3081dba

This is a useful tool to learn what’s now trending on YouTube. It’s an important tool to learn what different demographics are watching, such as men/women, and different age groups. In the world of SEO it’s important to know about the latest trends for various types of Web content, including videos.

  1. Google Trends

This is a website to learn how popular particular search have been on Google in the past, as well as now. Google Trends is an excellent tool if you want to learn what the next hot topic will be in social media. It includes many features that can help you to examine trending YouTube videos also. One of the most important features is the optional forecast checkbox. That will help to anticipate if interest in a certain topic will increase over time.


  1. Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle-Webmaster-Tools-Logo

This is one of the most important Google tools available, and will help your website to run smoothly, and allow you to view big problems quickly. For example, you can learn about crawling issues, broken links, learn how many pages are indexed, etc. It’s also advisable to check out Bing Webmaster Tools. It’s a free tool that provides a lot of useful features, even though it’s Yahoo-based.


  1. Google Consumer Surveys

Understanding your online audience is critical for building an effective website that meets their needs. Survey can be costly, but Consumer Surveys from Google actually has a free option for measuring customer satisfaction. You can only get 4 default questions without paying for the service. However, you can still receive useful data about how visitors perceive your particular site and their experience as well.

This can be very helpful  if you are testing a new website’s design/content category.


  1. Google WalletGoogle-wallet2

This makes it easy to make payments online and in stores also. It works with any credit/debit card. The method of payment is seamless and also mobile phone-friendly, so you can make payments while you are still waiting in line.


  1. Google Places for Business

This is a free tool for getting more search visibility. This will help your website to get ranked higher in local listings results. Google Places listing provide control over info that appears in Google’s Maps. This is an excellent interface, and controls the Google Maps listing.

Some Top Free SEO Tools for Business Owners

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Some Top Free SEO Tools for Business Owners

The Internet provides some of the top online services for small businesses, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that help online companies to rank higher in search engine results.

However, there are tons of online tools to choose from, so which ones are the best ones? Here are some of the best free tools available:


  1. YouTube Keyword Tool

This is an excellent keyword tool not only for videos, but also other types of content. It’s excellent for getting new keyword ideas. You can just enter a few descriptive words/phrases, and then receive a list of effective keywords and key phrases to boost your SEO rankings in search engine results. The video sharing industry has become quite competitive in recent years, yet Google’s YouTube remains one of the top companies, making it a go-to option for keywords/key phrases.


  1. CopyscapeCopyscape1

This product has a free version  that simply requires you to enter the URL you want to check, to verify that there isn’t any duplicate account. Plagiarism is one of the biggest issues in terms of Internet issues. Thus, it’s important to take steps to minimize the amount of duplicate content your website has.  As a general rule it’s important that pages of your site are at least 60% original. Using Copyscape can help to prevent a lot of problems involving plagiarism, which is definitely a plus.

  1. Title and Description Optimization Tool

This is a title/description optimization tool. It helps you to determine what top-ranking rivals are using for their titles and descriptions. This is arguably one of the top competitor intelligence tools of its kind. Some websites don’t focus on the title/description of articles and other content, which can become a problem in terms of SEO ranking for search engine results. Thus, it’s important to use every tool available, including Title and Description Optimization Tool.


  1. Image SEO Tool

This tool examines a webpage and checks how well the images on the page follow basic image SEO techniques. This is definitely a plus for improving your company’s SEO. Here’s how it works. Users simply input a particular URL, then the tool checks the various features of the image, including the name and dimensions. If a possible problem is found, an alert is provided. In the world of SEO, text isn’t the only important component. Images are also critical so the Image SEO Tools are certainly useful in improving the quality of your online company’s content. This will in turn improve your website’s search engine rankings.


  1. Xenu’s Link Sleuthxenu-link-sleuthz

This is a PC-based spidering software that inspects sites for broken links. It checks text links, images, local image maps, frames, and backgrounds. The verification is done for “normal” elements. The software provides a list of URLs that are continuously updated. This can be sorted by various criteria. In addition, users can create a report at any time. There are several key benefits of Link Sleuth. For example, it’s free, has a basic user-interface, provides improved error reports, etc. This tool is critical for improving your company’s website.






SEO Online Services for Business Owners

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SEO Online Services for Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner, there are many online services you can use, which will help to make your company not only more profitable, but also better. There’s a wide array of different services available, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web-based tools are some of the most effective ones. They’ll help your company’s content to rank higher in search engine results, including Google. Here are some of the top SEO online services:


  1. Google Analytics

When using this tool, the most useful SEO data helps you to comprehend your site’s visitors, and also how they interact with your website. This is an excellent tool for providing data and is an excellent tool for providing data that helps comprehend the most important factor, which is increasing sales.


Keyword-Tool.io_-700x348This free tool provides several quality keywords after entering a particular query. That’s through an autocomplete feature of a Google, YouTube, Bing, or App Store search. This online tool is excellent for creating several keyword ideas that include a seed term. That’s especially for long-tail keywords that won’t show up in AdWords keyword tool due to the low volumes. This is an excellent tool when your company needs long-tail keywords.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

This tool was known as Adwords Keyword Tool in the past. It allows you to review monthly query volume estimates for several Google keywords in just seconds. It’s critical to know what people are searching for, so you can shape your website’s content, including articles, web blogs, etc. Google Keyword Planner is definitely one of the best tools for achieving this goal.


  1. Moz

This is a suite of user-friendly marketing tools. There are several different tools to choose from, including Moz Local, Open Site Explorer, SERP Overlay, and Mozbar. Each of them has a unique function that can help to improve your company’s SEO rankings, which is definitely a plus. It’s important to examine the different tools to determine which ones would best suit your particular company’s needs.

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing-Webmaster-ToolsBWT is an excellent tool for observing how Yahoo-powering Bing is processing your site. It also helps you to have more control about that. BWT also helps to provide info about crawling, on-page keyword optimization, indexation, and other issues that will affect your Google performance.

  1. Screaming Frog

This website crawler is developed for SEO in particular. In just minutes you can get important data on every URL. It’s highly recommended that you download the software and then use the SEO tool. After viewing all the data, you can find online help to interpret all the data.


  1. Google/Bing

This might seem like an obvious option, but is definitely worth mentioning. These are both very practical and helpful SEO tools. Improving search engine functionality is one of the keys to becoming a master of SEO. By using some Google/Bing tricks, you can inspect duplicate content/indexation, check keyword rankings, look for link prospects, and evaluate SERP listings. Both companies provide some online help guides and tips, which are definitely worth reviewing in order to boost your company’s Web traffic.