Trick to Stop Blogger from Redirecting Visitors to ccTLDs

Blogger LogoBlogger has recently started re-directing all BlogSpot visitors to country specific TLDs (ccTLDs), which has become a major concern for all BlogSpot users and SEO related problems which may negatively impact the traffic of a blog. The .in/.au/.us and 15 other ccTLDs of your blog at the moment will not get a PR and hence backlinks to those URLs won’t be counted and taken into consideration.

Finally we have a script which will automatically re-direct all your visitors to the .com domain of your blog and prevent redirection to the country specific ccTLDs/URLs.

Below is a simple trick to stop the re-direction by Blogger using a JavaScript which stops users from being re-directed to their country specific domain and visitors to your blog will always see the .com TLD of your BlogSpot blog.

Steps to Stop Re-direction to ccTLDs

  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard>Design>Edit Html.
  • Find the following code in your blogger template
  • Now paste the code below just above the </head> tag.
<script type="text/javascript"> var blog = document.location.hostname; var slug = document.location.pathname; var name = blog.split("."); if (name[name.length-1] != "com") { var ncr = name[0] + ".blogspot.com/ncr"; window.location.replace ("http://" + ncr + slug); } </script>
  • Save your template and check if your blog is re-directing to a country specific domain.

Now visitors to your blog won’t be re-directed to a different domain but only to the .com domain of your blog.

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If you have any issues with the above code, do drop in your comments below.

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  1. -Good piece of information.

  2. This is not working access via specific other country urls. They just redirect to home page only. so confused.

    if u click http://ponmalars.blogspot.in/2012/03/stop-blogger-redirecting-country-wise.html

    It will goes to home page only. clarify how to change your code.

  3. @பொன்மலர்: The code is working perfectly and redirects the to the .com TLD of the URL you mentioned above.

  4. Hello admin

    I have a problem with it. It was done firstly but when i changed template for my blog and then i applied it but did not working. It is showing problem. Please help me.

  5. tnx man .hmm working.........

  6. nice information.. thanks for sharing this..

  7. I had installed in my Blog!! However, its working fine with Firefox, IE...

    But not in Chrome....When I paste my URL in crome, its re-directing into different page... Pls help me

  8. I had installed mine Thanks for information !!



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