Opera Mobile 12 and Opera Mini Next Released

Opera LogoOpera has just announced Opera Mobile 12 for Android and Symbian devices and Opera Mini next. The browser is hugely popular for mobile devices and is very widely used on all phones. The difference between the two versions of the browser for mobile phones is the engine they use to render web pages to the device. Opera Mobile renders the webpage on the device itself whereas the servers at Opera compress data and then the data is sent to device.

Opera added support for its advanced HTML5 parser Ragnarok, which will speed up running web apps on your device.

There are no changes in the GUI, but there are a lot of internal changes which makes Opera the best and a universal browser for mobile phones.

Opera is also pushing out a revamped App store which it acquired back in September from Handster

Opera Mini is faster when compared to Opera Mobile but lacks several features like full-flash support.

Opera Mobile 12 speeds up and enriches data rendering and browsing experience by using hardware acceleration wherein your phones hardware is used to speed up graphics and 3D content.

Opera Mobile 12Opera Mobile 12

Opera has also added support for WebGL for Android which will accelerate 3D and easier for the developers to make games cross platform.

Opera Mini 7 for iOS

Opera has released Opera Mini 7 for Apple devices. Users can download the browser from the Apple App store.

Opera Mini Next

Opera has also introduced Opera Mini Next, the beta preview of the upcoming browser for Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Java, interested users can download it by visiting http://m.opera.com/next from their smartphones.

A set of demoes has been released called Shiny Demoes, to demonstrate the features of the browser. View it by clicking here.

Android users can download the browser from the Android Market or by visiting the Opera Website.

Read the full press release by clicking here.

Have you tried Opera Mobile 12? Which is your favorite browser for your smartphone? Do drop in your comments below.

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  1. can i install mini opera on my wave 525 mobile. How can i install give me some tips to install opera on my mobile

  2. @Pradeep Nair: Visit http://mini.opera.com from your mobile to download Opera for your device.

  3. Wow I hope I could have one smart phone and install such amazing app...

    By the way sir... you are so inspiring... you have great posts... and a great blog. I see your post on FB right from the photo you posted (Cheque) ... that was so great. ,,..

  4. @Jon Page-Acabo: Thanks for the compliment.



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