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Finally, Chrome for Android is released by Google. The popular Chrome browser is now available for Android smartphone's running Ice Cream Sandwich. Chrome for Android was highly anticipated and awaited by everyone as it is very light weight and has a minimal design which is loved by all.

Google Chrome Beta for Android

The browser is currently in beta and is only available for devices running on ICS, however most of the Android phones run on Gingerbread and Froyo, so hopefully Google will eventually make it available for Gingerbread soon.

Chrome Android

Bookmark sync can be very useful for users who use Chrome on their desktops and laptops, other features like searching directly from the address bar will attract more users.

The key feature which Chrome is well-known is speed factor, browser is very fast, faster than you can expect. Chrome now pre-renders the page before you actually open it which is a feature cited in Chrome 17, the upcoming version of the browser for desktops.

Synchronization will be the key feature for the browser as all your data will get sync when you log in to your Google account on the browser, even search terms you type will get sync which will save precious time. Tabs you left open on your desktop/laptop will automatically open on your mobile device when you open the browser.

Chrome for Android is going to be good rival to all the browsers available in the market like Opera and Dolphin and Firefox.

Google plans to make Chrome the standard browser for Android devices, which clearly indicates long term plans for the browser on Android devices, read what a Google spokeswomen said -

Right now, our focus is on making Chrome for Android Beta available to Android 4.0 phone/tablet users to gather initial feedback. But our long-term plan is for Chrome to become the standard browser on Android 4.0 and above.

“We didn’t want to just push out Chrome light,” said Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Google Chrome, in an interview. “Our goal was to get all of Chrome onto Android.”

Watch the official video by the Chrome team for a kick-start.

Link : Download Google Chrome for Android.

Have you tried Google Chrome for Android? How was your experience with the browser, do you think it is a perfect replacement for your primary browser on your device?

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  1. Good to know..but I think opera mini will remain to rule the mobile browsers..I haven't tried it yet but will definitely do it soon..

    1. Opera is a very good browser but Chrome is a hit. Chrome is the primary browser on my desktop and laptop and hence I will use it on my mobile which will make sync easier.

    2. So far I am disappointed that Chrome supports only ICS powered phones but I think I will replace my browser with Chrome as soon as possible just to get synced information from my Laptop and Desktop computer. This is nice little feature that makes Chrome the best

    3. @Mike: Yes indeed, waiting for Chrome to be available for Gingerbread. Google will soon make it available for Gingerbread since it is very widely used across Android devices.

  2. I am using this, It works great Nice Review...

  3. Replies
    1. It is true, Chrome rules the world of browser and others. I love it as well :)

  4. I don't know what Google is trying to achieve i mean they have not left any technology field and now have Chrome browser for Andriod as well.



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