Google Launches Official AdSense Toolbar Extension for Chrome

Google today has finally launched a new extension for Chrome which easily lets you view your AdSense earnings from Chrome itself. Now you don't need to open your AdSense account to view your earnings, you can directly view it without leaving the current page. The extension is very simple and you can open it anytime to quickly view your AdSense earnings.

AdSense Publisher Toolbar Screenshot

AdSense Extension(AdSense Publisher toolbar) for Google Chrome

The extension AdSense publisher toolbar, when opened displays a summary of your total earnings from today, yesterday, the current month and of the previous month. It also displays the earnings of the top custom channels  that you created in your AdSense account.

Once you download and install the extension on your browser the extension connects you to your AdSense account and fetches earnings and other data from your account. The authorization is very simple and you only need to authorize it once.

At the bottom there is a section which displays your "Lifetime Revenue" from your AdSense account, which displays the revenue you generated since your AdSense account was approved.
The extension can be very handy for you and can save a lot of time. You can expect more features in the extension over the time as this is only the first edition of the AdSense Publisher Toolbar Extension.

Link : AdSense Publisher Toolbar (by Google)

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  1. Nice ! never used this plugin though i think i must check it

  2. Just installed this Google Chrome extension. First toughs: it looks very smooth and clean just like the rest of new Google UI, but I would like to have option when you can get to this account with one click as currently it doesn't allow me to get to Adsense via web as there is no link. At least I couldn't find any.
    But I will still stick with this extension

  3. I am going to check out this plug in



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