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If you want to send free SMS from your PC/Laptop using your Way2SMS account you can easily do so by installing the Way2SMS application on your system. Recently the support for the Jubin free SMS tool has been stopped and the application is no longer working so you can now use this application as an alternative to the Jubin free SMS tool to send free SMS from your PC.

Download Mobile Java Application:

If you're looking for the mobile Java application for Way2SMS,

[Way2SMS.jar] Click Here to download.


New version (v4.0) out with fixed bugs and option to add and manage contacts.

Things you'll need :

  1. Way2SMS account [Click here to register for an account if you don't have one]

  2. .NET Framework [Click here to download]

  3. Way2SMS desktop client developed by Arun Sarkar v4.0 [Click here to download]

Below is a screenshot of the Way2SMS desktop software.

The Way2SMS desktop client is developed by Arun Sarkar features a simple yet powerful interface. I've tested the application, it opens up very fast, is light weight and fully functional, above all its portable so you don't need to install it on your system, the tool can be very handy for you and you n

To run the application you must have .NET framework installed on your system, the application will not run if you don't have .NET framework installed. Click here to download the .NET framework.

After you have installed the .NET framework, Click here to download the Way2SMS desktop client. The application is just 700 Kb in size. You should be able to run the application after the file has been downloaded by double clicking on it, if not check for issues with .NET on your system.

Other helpful Links:

If you're having problems running the application or any other doubts feel free to ask by dropping your comments below.

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  1. Its a good replacement for Jubin Free SMS Tool. The only problem is that it does not provide an option to import multiple contacts.

  2. can you tell me how can you configured your email like "sagar@technetsavvy.com" because i have my blog http://www.bloggertank.com/ but I don't know how to configure it. I have a account at google apps. So, please tell me the steps or mail me at vikashshankar88@gmail.com

  3. @Sufiyan: Yes, it does not have an option to import multiple contacts at a time, stay tuned I'll post about an another Way2SMS client in a few days:)

  4. @vikash shankar: I configured the email with the help of Google Apps, its pretty easy, create a free account with Google apps and authorize your Blog with your account then you can easily configure multiple emails like the one which I have:)

  5. Thanks dude for sharing this, I was searching alternative for Jubin Free sms Tool since developer stopped support, this is the one I was searching for. thanks again :)

  6. @Navin: Thanks for the comment buddy.

  7. bug again, cannot add numbers with 91xxxxxxxxxx format, so if u have numbers saved in jubin's software with 91 format its ahead ache.

    to edit or import contacts
    open it in exel and do what ever u want to.

  8. @jigar: Support for Jubin free SMS tool has been stopped, it is not a bug, every software has a different mode of operation, so you must follow the way the software works in-order to use it efficiently buddy. Anyways I'll post about an alternative Way2SMS application soon on my blog, stay tuned :D Thanks for the comment :)

  9. when i'm trying to open it on windows-xp(sp3), it shows a message "Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application.". Please fix this problem as soon as possible. Please suggest me at 'lovababu.golthi@gmail.com'.
    Thank you in advance :)

  10. @Lovababu: Install .NET framework on your system, the application should run then.

  11. Hey guys heres the new version of WAY2SMS and FULLONSMS desktop client


  12. New link for Mr m :

  13. free, crossplatform, multigateway desktop sms client. http://www.figmentsol.com/smscenter

  14. is "Portable Way2SMS Desktop Client For Sending Free SMS" sitll working im getting wrong user name password error

  15. @jigar: Portable Way2SMS Desktop Client For Sending Free SMS has stopped working, you can use Way2SMS Desktop Client By Shailesh Sohiwal For Sending Free SMS for sending free sms via Way2sms.

  16. when i send sms via "Way2SMS Desktop Client By Shailesh Sohiwal For Sending Free SMS"
    im receiveing "+" wre ever tre is space.
    is it workning fine wid u.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. @jigar: Ya, sometimes I also have this problem with Shailesh Sohiwal's Way2sms client, but for now this is the only solution for Way2SMS. Why don't you use Site2SMS ? For me Site2SMS has outperformed any other free SMS service.

  19. hi sagar,

    thanks for adding my desktop client in ur blog...
    Right now i am adding group sms, contacts list in my way2sms client tool. so wait for it friend...

    My blog http://dailyoneinfo.blogspot.com/
    read it & leave ur valuable comments...

  20. >>.I made Desktop software for send FREE sms thought way2sms,fullonsms,site2sms.
    >>. Also send sms to DND number .
    >>. Send multinumber (group sms) to on click.
    >>. Number saved in phone book is save local in your computer(not in site).
    >>. Portable applications you can use from pendrive .( framework 2.0 Required)
    >>. Do not use for commercial purpose.
    >> .Enjoy Smsing.

    Download link here

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. @Arun : Thanks for the update buddy, I've updated the download links :)

  23. Dear Arun Sarkar ji, really maza agaya after software ko install kar ke realy good job....my wishes for you..

  24. way2sms client tool 3.0

    Fullonsms client tool 3.0

  25. arun sir it doesn't work on pc ,,,xp 32bit

  26. really good app

  27. it is working for me a great app buddy

  28. Not working .....Not working.....not working.....

  29. jignesh pls re upload ur software and send the link to email sharadtolwala@gmail.com



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